How To Choose Toner For Your Printer

Choosing the right toner for your printer seems like a fairly simple process but several key components go into making that decision. Recharge Cartridges in Cork is the right place for you to start your search. You will first need to know the following – printer type (laser printer or ink jet printer), printer manufacturer (HP, Canon, Brother etc), printer model and cartridge type. Recharge Cartridges provides cheap ink cartridge refills for a variety of printer models.

Different Types Of Cartridges

When replacing your cartridge you should consider whether you need to purchase OEM, compatible or re-manufactured cartridges. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner is the genuine toner made by toner manufacturers which deliver superior quality, accurate colors and more pages per cartridge. But they are generally expensive. Compatible cartridges are also referred to as generic ink cartridges. They are manufactured by a third party. These cartridges are designed to mimic OEM toner cartridges. Re-manufactured are also known as refilled cartridges. These are used ink cartridges for printers that have been restored and refilled. They are often available at lower prices than OEM and compatible cartridges and are a more environmentally safe option.

Next Steps

Once you know what you want to purchase based on the printer you have, head to your nearest Recharge Cartridges store in Cork to purchase your ink cartridge refills. You can also purchase from our online store. An added tip is that whenever you replace your toner cartridge, it is a good idea to download and install the latest driver software for your printer to keep it up to date.

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